You are more FUMA (full manual) vs FUTO (full automatic)? You hesitate? In this article we will try to find out which game mode is best, what are its greatest assets and most importantly, what mode is it more exciting to play!

Our opinion on the FUTO fashion

The strong points

The assistance has been reduced to offer more choice to the players, but it is true that at present there is a little more difficult to control the game, especially when there is rain
The dogfights are still impressive, beautiful passes, legendary shots, the game is very dynamic, with the collisions, friction between players total.
Game speed was slowed, allowing better control, better time to build the game, and counter best.
A new option allows the tactical change automatically depending on the situation, activated beforehand or after a break, the game will adapt if you largely lead the game, your defense will automatically relax, otherwise you are done, the level your team automatically goes up, which will allow you to have more chances to tied the score

The presence of the most cheated dribble history dribbling, which allows you to break the defense of players with little experience on PES.
The FUTO mode touch football remains far too simple to apply.
Players with little experience can easily take control of the game, which takes much more time for the more experienced players.
Our opinion on the FUMA fashion

The strong points

The game is done with assistance 0 passes and manual shooting, manual feint, for the rest the cursor is semi-attended and call teammates are assisted.
The physics of the ball is controlled entirely by the player and the ball can be taken anywhere the player decides to do it, and that gives completely new results
Find the angle of shooting, and hit it right in the game is very difficult, especially for framing keystrokes
It is difficult to manage players, so simply to line up three consecutive passes, combine attacks or scoring a goal becomes a real exploir, needless to say that at that time the pleasure is incomparable.
We really feel the football game, finished too perfect passes, the dynamic and fast game par excellence, the game is more real with failures, successful passes, and it shows through the screen, the actions depend on the capabilities players build their game
The emergence of new FUMA communities can organize championships.
The smoked fashion is a game, another game, it represents the true meaning of football simulation, while the FUTO fashion remains only easily manageable game by any beginner.

No league of masters, or myClub especially for FUMA, there is no purely manual online competition.
In direct competition, a FUMA player has no chance against a player FUTO, this has nothing to do with their skills, but in this kind of confrontations, the FUMA player almost have no chance to win against a good player FUTO is simply the day and night
There aggressiveness of some players who disparage FUMA players in automatic mode, however, it tarnishes the FUMA mode, which presents many advantages.

Compare FUTO mode FUMA like comparing a car manual to automatic mode, they are two different worlds. It is true that the automatic mode is easier to handle, ball control is automatic, breathtaking animations are waiting for you, but it does not compare to the pleasure of self shoot the ball, to decide the course of the game and especially be the master on the lawn. Although the fashion FUMA apparent lack of dynamism, it remains true representation of “simulation”, which is the great strength of a game like PES 2017.

In all ways, whatever your mode of play,  download pes 2017 demo promises to make you spend very long hours of play, so if you have not pre-ordered your version, it is always time to do it on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360, it will help avoid stock-out on 15 September.

Dungeon boss

Into the yard she had been, into the pen where the old brooms tend to be built up, old chicken coops and all sorts of the shades associated with surrounding buildings. She lived-in a residence that is low she never ever went out almost This is certainly. Also it was also tales do absolutely nothing That Is finish her boy to go eat. She would let person in its decreased, not even kid son. She had been scared of becoming murdered, as saying.


When the concept came to the stepdaughter of undertaking economies being brand-new first handled her in some terms the spouse, for the feel, to see whenever we could perhaps not do, for example, enter in its old That Is Sisters of St. Vincent nuns whom happens to entertain these old dungeon boss hack gâteuses within their hospice. He replied neither yes nor no, child. This really is another chosen the busy definitely this is certainly that the entire min, its noises in the ear that didn’t end. By dint of thinking, to hear these noises, he’d said him resting these abominable noises which they would avoid. And That you can find indeed, as opposed to resting, whistles, drums, purring … it absolutely was a torture this is certainly new. He took care of all and all night day. He had being all in him. Gradually, however, after months together with anguish is used plus it remained more than enough to dungeon boss hack achieve this it’s to care Certainly it. Then he gone back to St. Ouen marketplace together with wife. Le It had been, relating to the thing that was said, the surroundings which are financial the market of Saint-Ouen. They left each morning for the day this is certainly whole due to the additions and remarks we exchanged on costs and cost savings of things we’re able to have done perhaps this way rather Towards hours qui … tend to be eleven night in the home, overran the concern about being murdered. It absolutely was constant as fear. Less him their wife. It absolutely was rather the noises of her dungeon boss hack ears to what, to this complete time, as soon as the street ended up being very hushed, he had been recovering to cling desperately. “With that I never sleep! “He repeated aloud for really more anxious. “You can perhaps not imagine you! “

The black and white in your photos Instagram

The black and white have something special, often they manage to convey more than a color image. Virtually all Instagram users share some publications grayscale and can even find many profiles dedicated exclusively to this type of photography.
The images in black and white work well and get very good numbers of engagement.
However, not all photographs work well when passing them to grayscale, to dominate the black and white in your photos Instagram is very important to know this technique and what the best situations to use are.
Tips for improving your technique of black and white in Instagram
There are many users who do not get their photographs in black and white have visual impact. There are a number of factors to consider before taking a picture in black and white, for this reason we want to give some tips to help you improve your technique and get the effect you want. Instagram Password hack will help you find someone’s instagram account.


1 – Composition
As mentioned on other occasions the composition of a photograph is decisive in achieving the desired visual impact. In the case of black and white you should look for simple compositions, in which the photographed subject is clearly differentiated from the background.
2 – High Contrast
Looking frames with sharp contrasts, photographs with very dark areas in predominantly black and other bright areas with very light gray or white are much stronger than those containing a very similar gray scale also make it difficult distinguish objects.
3 – Silhouettes
Create silhouettes placing the light source behind the subject you are photographing. A dark silhouette against a light background can bring strength and mystery to your photos.
4 – Ways
Search frames containing marked geometric shapes, triangles, circles or just clean lines. The black and white will make these forms are accentuated, highlighting the edges by the contrast of light and increasing the importance of these in the composition.
5 – Patterns
Repetitive patterns or prints made by sharp lines or other more complex shapes with strong contrast creates an abstract effect that can enhance the visual impact of your photographs in black and white.
6 – Textures
Look for interesting textures for the background of your photos and tries to illuminate them with a strong light to highlight their shadows and increase the “3D effect” to create a greater contrast in your photos in black and white.
7 – Shadows
Shadows are one of the most important elements in the picture in black and white, but could become a major element of this. Looking deep shadows where blacks predominate to make your photos look more interesting and mysterious look.
8 – Landscapes
When we do landscape photography in black and white the sky becomes more important. Enjoy the contrasts and shapes of clouds for a more dramatic effect on your capture. It is not suitable skies clear pictures as the photo will lose a lot of strength and will not transmit anything.
9 – Digital retouching
If you usually make your color photographs to pass them later black and white it is advisable to increase the contrast with any application of digital retouching. You can also add a point and artificial light to increase contrast between highlights and shadows.
In short, the contrast plays the most important role this type of photography, but you should always consider other things like composition and framing. We hope these tips help you improve your black and white photos of Instagram and get well capture the attention of your followers.
Ahh !! And of course, do not forget to tag your pictures in black and white with #blackandwhite hashtag or #bnw

Online gaming 3D designing

Fighting or activity games really are an interest to several to many people, frequently addicting, but in addition a supply of worry that is regular. It really is particularly parents who question whether this will be appropriate entertainment for your family or maybe not, as these often get savage.

Grown-ups discover such a online or pc games to have result that is relaxing and amusing. Inside the game, they work from competitive emotions they otherwise would not be able to clear and can take part in tasks. So, as an alternative to getting out their anger on someone in life that is real, they just ’cause injury’ in the digital universe of the game. Additionally, motion games that are severe are around enhancing the abilities of one and being aggressive, in addition to their in-game persona.

It is a hobby that also can be good for kids, provided that it’s not over-done. Children may find out the best way to to do something within a-team when they perform with team-based games that are online. They’re going to be studying a great deal about choice managing, choosing and choosing jobs inside a team. In once, enjoying enhances focus that is distributive, their co ordination abilities etc. It’s not all about imposing agario hack.

Since they demand pace and great focus the most engaging kind is really represented by these battling games away there. Notice that they not all have to be malevolent and unhealthy. When they make a comprehensive investigation online parents may choose the most appropriate games for kids. The most easy and most fun to play would be the flash games that are online. Whomever picks these may restrain the quantity of assault as well as the degree by making educated choices.

Besides the conditions that are typical, contemporary fighting games permit a thorough personality modification. Therefore, it is possible to select to generate a customized armor or weapons, along with an original appearance. There are gamers group and innumerable options in games offering them the greatest degree-of-freedom.

Fighting games could be a kind of treatment. Additionally, playing such has some advantages that are surprising. It seems satisfying as every one of the competitors are beaten away by the the gamer. That is in positive correlation with the amount of dopamine of one. Gamers identify together with the character they consider each success as their very own and play as. You can find also 3D variations to perform with online, which tend to be more participating.

Enjoying these games using the PC is as positive as portrayed sometimes, as everyone may observe. Maybe not all projects are in an identical amount. Although some are simply fun some tend to be more severe, needless to say. In addition, the enjoying and setup choices are varied. For instance, gamers need not risk their pc well-being. Just perform with games that are such online, so removing all anxiety. If one views playing battling games online using their household, they need to begin by assessing the groups that are present on the internet. They determine and will then judge which would be the best because of their near ones as well as for themselves.


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Snapchat here snapchat there snapchat is everywhere – the boom continues unabated! Also in Germany is “snapping” increasingly popular among young people, the Messenger app is an integral part of the smart phones no longer …

The basic functions are likely most familiar with now: send photos and videos, post the recordings in their own history, watch live stories. But snapchat also has a few features that are not so easy to find.

IMAGE brings light into snapchat Dark!

With these tips and tricks you bring everything out of the Messenger:

► How do I get more colors (iPhone)?

The normal color bar but although all the rainbow colors, the achromatic colors black, white and gray are missing. To get black, touch the ribbon with your fingers at any point and drag your finger – without stopping – at the lower edge of the screen. White you get by you doing the same thing, but dragging your finger to the left edge of the screen. Gray and all sorts of pastel shades are somewhere in between.


► How can I write multiple lines of text (iPhone)?

Go to your notes app, open a new note, so give many blank lines as you need afterwards rows, select and copy it. Now you can insert into the text line when they snapchat. Somewhat more complicated: Take a snap, pressing on T, turn the dictation a, say as much text as you want, pressing again on T – this trick will only work with the large letters -, finished.

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Trick 6: Use a text in snapchat but several colors

Snapchat: text in multiple colors snapchat: text in multiple colors for artists and creative: colorize lyrics is not a problem, two or more colors while using already. But not with this hack:

Be the first in your text snapchat and color him with the first color.

Then tap the words that should receive a different color.

Are these marks, select the color from the color palette – done.

Heimlich create screenshots of snapchat-Files trick 7

Snapchat: Secret screenshots snapchat: Secret screenshots ensure that your chat partner is not notified when you make a screenshot of the video, you resort to this trick:

First you need to fully load the video or the story.

Then switching to Airplane Mode and reopen snapchat.

Now you can play the video and as often create screenshots without your chat partner will be notified.

Have you not had enough? Then you should not miss the numerous snapchat tips on the next page.

Seven Pro Tips For Fifa 16

FIFA 16 is a difficult game. Along with the always unjust and cruel game difficulty that we have ever seen in a football game, there are many things to master. On top of all it’s a game, which assumes that the player knows his craft of digital football game. Those who bring not many years practice in FIFA, can give Sports Football Simulator quickly get into trouble with the new edition of EA. And even if someone thinks is a FIFA Master, several elements must be relearned equal. We have compiled the top seven tips that have guaranteed all professionals also considered to be good in FIFA 16th

  1. Build knowledge
    Who wants to race, must learn to walk first. FIFA 16 is a very complex game of football with many types of shooting, dribbling and the Misfits. To learn the basics and then the most advanced features, you should urgently look at the tutorial videos in the main menu. The new live help system is initially very useful, because it provides a context-sensitive while playing tips. Just a couple of matches playing on low difficulty and focus on the tips.
  2. Practice collect
    The theory of FIFA 16 is the one thing that really good one will only match practice. There is nothing better than to try to complete the skill games with top score. Some of these challenges are quite difficult, but after several attempts you can feel the individual development. Whoever masters the skill games, is well prepared for online and offline matches and knows most of the secrets of the game.
  3. Art of good defense
    Defend is in FIFA 16 is a complicated task, especially through the manual control of the defense. Who actually is too hard, which can return to the classical scheme, which works almost automatically. For this you have to look at the menu, select “Legacy-defense” and activate. And one should always try to remain calm, while you have to take over the defense work. Never dull after rushing the ball, because it dribbles one even the weak set of artificial intelligence with ease into nirvana. Peace, patience and timing are the basics for a good defense.
  4. Possession expand
    the Artificial Intelligence in FIFA 16 so defended very well, so it’s only natural that some will find it hard to stay in possession. If that’s the case, you should first the Sprint button is released. Really now. There is often a tendency loszurennen with the ball, but that can be a big mistake. One should rather try to get the ball more often to adjust and to wait for the other players, so that they can occupy the empty spaces. So you risk significantly less turnovers. And that allows one to keep the ball for a longer period.
  5. Assault with intent
    There are several ways to attack in FIFA 16th We can try to edges to be placed in the box, early to defend the enemy and to put in a quick counterattack, from shooting outside the box or to start a bit fixes passing near the opponent’s defenders. But there is no better or worse way for the attack, but one should consider the context of the team. If the strikers are rather small, edges are perhaps the worse way. Are they more likely to slow, it will not be easy to start fast counterattack. So you have to know the strengths of the team and be clever.
  6. With tactics to success
    formation and tactics in FIFA 16 are more important than many players believe. So some often complain that the team too far back remains, too often runs into the offside trap or generally does not make enough Pressing forward. All this may in fact be simply attributed to the wrong selected formation and thus the wrong tactics of the team. So you should spend some time to find the model that best fits the own style of team play and. Here sometimes helps just trial and error. We may neglect the tactical side of the simulation in any case NEVER.
  7. Unlock Goodies
    You collect while playing so diligently game currency that you can spend, and of course should. From the main menu you can access the catalog and use the coins for the FUT mode to unlock alternate jerseys, cheering poses new, extra balls or cheats for career mode. This has no direct influence, but psychologically a role to play in particularly rare or expensive shirts and show the enemy exactly.

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Woodworking Projects – Table Of A Carpenter

The table of a carpenter can provide a convenient place to handle tasks such as cutting, gluing and perforation. It can also provide space for you to design woodworking projects without using the kitchen table or having to work on the ground. This table should be durable to withstand the heavy wood and equipment such as drills and saws. Although you can buy a table for your carpentry workshop, building a for yourself can be a successful project.



  1. In this woodworking project first you need to determines the height, width and depth you want for the table carpenter. The top of the table should have the waist, and must be large enough to accommodate your most ambitious woodworking projects.
  2. Measured with a tape measure two sections of wooden 2 by 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) to the length of the table, and two additional sections for depth. Sections cut to length with a circular saw. Ingletea the ends of these sections 45 degree angle with a saw.
  3. Monte sections of width and depth to form a rectangle. Drill two pilot holes in each corner – the holes should be less than 1/16 inch (0.16 cm) diameter wood screws. Insert a wooden screw 4 inches (10 cm) in each pilot hole and tighten them with an electric screwdriver.
  4. Measure the inside depth of the rectangle. Transfer this measurement to sections wooden 2 by 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) and cut them to size with a circular saw. You will have a section for every 12 inches (30.5 cm) length of the table – these sections provide additional support for her.
  5. Place the inner support sections between sections of length of the upper structure of the table at intervals of 12 inches (30.5 cm). Drilling pilot holes through the length sections at the ends of the supports and attach them with wood screws 4 inches (10 cm).
  6. Place the frame on top of a sheet of plywood 5/8 inch (1.6 cm). Brand frame dimensions of plywood with a pencil. Short said the size of the wood structure with a table saw. Repeat this process with a second sheet of plywood 5/8 inch (1.6 cm).
  7. In this woodworking project measure and cut four sections of 4 by 4 inches (10 by 10 cm) of wood about 5 inches (12.7 cm) shorter than the final height of the table Carpenter to form the legs of the same. Turn the frame on its edge, place the end of a leg against the corner of the frame, drill pilot holes through the frame at the end of the leg and insert wood screws 6 inches (15 cm) to secure the leg to the bottom of the table structure. Repeat this process for the remaining three legs.
  8. Place the table upright. Place a sheet of plywood on top of the upper frame of the table and aligns the edges thereof with the frame in this woodworking project. Make pilot holes at intervals of 4 inches (10 cm) through the wood in the frame and brackets. Insert and tighten the wood screws 4 inches (10 cm) to secure it to the frame.
  9. Apply wood glue to the top of the sheet of plywood. Turn the table upside down and place it on the second sheet. Align the edges of the plywood sheets. Let the glue dry for an hour before turning the table again.

Tips & Warnings for woodworking projects

(1) Ensures the metal brackets L-shaped each table leg and the bottom of the upper part of the table if you plan to use it to support very heavy objects.

(2) Use leather work gloves and goggles resistant to breakage protection during cutting and building your table Carpenter to avoid injury.

Les origines de l’alphabet de la langue grecque

La langue grecque est la plus parfaite de l’histoire humaine.

C’est une langue qui a été construite de tel sorte qu’elle est directement liée au langage mathématique, (pas comme l’alphabet français ou l’alphabet arabe) et elle a une « harmonie cachée ». Comme il est écrit dans « la théologie de l’arithmétique » qui contient une merveilleuse beauté. Si on calcule les chiffres du mot « XX » en nombre, on trouve la somme de 55.

Nos ancêtres n’utilisaient pas les chiffres, mais les lettres de l’alphabet, les numéros mis en évidence par des symboles (par exemple a = 1, b = 2, etc.). Comme on le voit ci-dessus, de cette façon les mots peuvent être analysés pour former des numéros. Donc, tous ont une importance particulière, à travers une combinaison de mathématiques et de noms. Par exemple, le nombre d’or signifie une raison apparente APOLLO : ARTEMIS, ESTIA : Soleil, Vénus : ZEUS.

Mais une chose est sûre, c’est que l’alphabet grec cache une invocation secrète ! Si nous prenons les lettres et que nous les mettons dans une rangée, comme par magie apparaît une ancienne prière qui célèbre la Lumière et l’âme !

« Spirituel Soleil ! Vous qui êtes la lumière, venu sur la terre ! Et vous, Soleil ! Visible, envoyez votre rayon chaleureux. Faite s’abattre une précipitation pour permettre la joie de vivre, d’exister et de se tenir debout sur cette terre vibrante. Ne ​​nous laissons pas dominer par la nuit, ce qui est petit et en danger, est perdu dans l’incendie de décantation, dans la boue bouillonnante et nous développons l’âme, qui est la plus haute, la plus importante de tout ! »

Ce secret révélé, nous apprenons tout le temps sur l’alphabet grec ! Aussi, la recherche indique que l’étude des langues anciennes, élargit l’esprit ! Ce n’est pas une coïncidence que la recherche américaine sur l’intelligence artificielle, cherche à faire communiquer deux ordinateurs entre eux et d’avoir une discussion raisonnable, en utilisant la langue grecque ancienne ! Le dernier décompte à montrer que la langue grecque moderne ainsi que l’ancienne, contient plus de 6.000.000 de mots et nous ne savons pas encore tout, contrairement à l’Anglais qui atteint seulement 40.000 mots.

Finalement, quels nombres de secrets peut cacher encore la langue grecque ? Beaucoup plus que vous ne le pensez, et certainement encore plus que vous pouvez insérer dans un livre.

La langue grecque n’est pas accidentelle

Elle a été construite sur les mathématiques, un jeux alphabet, chaque mot à une signification mathématique. Les lettres dans la langue grecque ne sont pas des symboles stériles. Debout, la tête en bas avec une intonation spéciale, au total 1620 symboles utilisés dans Harmonie (Musique en grec moderne). Le plus important est la propriété que chaque lettre à avoir une valeur / valeur numérique, chaque lettre est un nombre, donc, par extension, chaque mot est un nombre.

Une vaste connaissance immobilisé, codé en mots grâce aux mathématiques. L’un des pionniers en la matière était maximale Pythagore.

Les nombres, les formes, l’harmonie et les étoiles ont quelque chose en commun, donc respectivement les mathématiques (nombres), la géométrie (forme), l’harmonie (musique) et astronomie étaient sœurs, les sciences de Pythagore, qui dans cette série, était un précurseur vers l’évolution de l’esprit-âme.

Un créateur qui a créé la base de ces quatre disciplines. 27 symboles-chiffres en valeur numérique constituent l’alphabet grec, 3 groupes de 9 chiffres-symboles de chaque groupe, chaque groupe totalisant 45, 450, 4500.
Pour être en mesure de comprendre la signification des concepts des mots de l’ancienne langue grecque, on devrait d’abord voire un peu plus sur la langue grecque en elle-même.

L’ancienne langue grecque (contrairement à l’alphabet de la langue grec moderne) est la seule qui ne repose pas sur le fait que certaines personnes convenu d’appeler un objet « x » ou « y » comme toutes les autres langues du monde stériles. La langue grecque est un chef-d’œuvre mathématique.

L’alphabet grec est le commencement de tout. Les lettres de l’alphabet grec dans son ensemble étaient de 33.

Pythagore nous informe sur les 3 niveaux de langue grecque :

  1. Parler
  2. Signification
  3. Krypton
  • -Le Premier est le discours
  • -Le Deuxième est la relation entre la marque et la signification que nous allons analyser ci-dessous
  • -Le Troisième est l’intervalle (distance et temps), les vibrations (qui réveille le cerveau par des fréquences de résonance des impulsions – Pallas Athéna, relation de lettres et de mots avec numéros et rapport de lettres et de mots d’airs

Chaque lettre correspond à un certain nombre, et une tonalité musicale : lettre = nombre tonalité (musicien), ce qui montre que dans notre langue, lettres-mots sont des nombres et les sons musicaux.

alphabet langue grecque
Alphabet Phonétique International

Alphabet Apprendre

Les quatre sciences sœurs par Pythagore étaient :

  1. Nombres (mathématiques)
  2. Formes (géométrie)
  3. Musique (harmonie)
  4. Astronomie

Les sciences sont interdépendantes et sont l’une dans l’autre comme des poupées russes. Combinaison de numéros dans l’enceinte de l’alphabet et des sons musicaux avec ces 4 disciplines.
Astronomie = les lois universelles qui régissent ce qui est, et qui ne reposent pas quelque part, qui sont en rapport avec la musique (harmonie), formes (géométriques) numéros (mathématiques) et tout l’éther qui entoure les lieux célestes.

Pythagore voit l’harmonie (musique) des sphères célestes comme parlant une langue en lien avec le flux de l’univers.

La langue grecque est la seule qui peut être utilisé aussi bien pour des raisons mathématiques, musicales et l’alphabétiques.

Cela ne veut pas dire que l’alphabet peut être copiés ailleurs vu que celle de l’année 2300 avant JC par Homère était déjà disponible pour les 6,5 millions de mots primaires.

Si l’on compare maintenant par exemple la langue anglaise a 80.000 mots, dont 80% sont le grec (selon l’Université du Pays de Galles), nous voyons que ce langage à une évolution stérile en 1000 ans, nous arrivons facilement à la conclusion que Homer a conçu une langue qui a une profondeur depuis 100000 avant JC ou voir 500000 avant JC qui sait …
Mais la preuve ultime est le lien aux mathématiques, qui n’existe dans aucune autre langue du monde. N’oublions pas que le Créateur se sert des mathématiques pour créer, de sorte que notre langue est nécessairement liée à cette source.

Mais avant que la crypte soit le « signifiant », à savoir la connexion de mots avec des significations. Il a déclaré plus tôt que les dialectes étrangers définies par accord, soit convenu sur le sujet que telle et telle sera l’appeler « X », ce qui rend les langues stériles, afin qu’ils puissent donner naissance à de nouveaux mots, de sorte que les mathématiques ne peuvent donc pas décrire de nouveaux concepts qui existent dans la nature. Le cerveau qui ne peut décrire par des mots nouveaux de nouvelles significations restant dans l’obscurité, de sorte que les neurones du cerveau n’en génèrent pas de nouveaux, par opposition à ceux qui utilisent le grec.

Comment peut faire l’anglais ou le français ou X&Y avec un mot qui a 10 concepts pour décrire avec précision et donc clairement une signification plus profonde ? Sans parler des multiples aspects de cette situation ? Cela signifie alors que le lien entre la marque et le signifié, que le mot lui-même est créé d’une manière qui décrit le sens intérieur.

Exemple : La désignation du mot curry (Noyer), comme nous le lisons, à partir d’une observation de la nature (comme tous les mots), lorsque deux bêtes à cornes (béliers, chèvres, etc.) le son donne le nom à « corne », la corne a donné le nom à crâne (tête) et les surnoms de ce curry (petite tête) curry (noix) semble incroyable à l’esprit humain et au cerveau.
Y est la racine du verbe YO (de pluie) où Y est concavité (ou la convexité) qui rassemble quelque chose, la pluie (élément de l’eau) entre dans la terre.

La comédie musicale – alphabet numérique – mots mathématiques qui décrivent les concepts pertinents, qui sont dérivés d’observation de la nature-à-dire de la création et donc, par extension, du même Créateur, mais la question est de savoir combien de millénaires peuvent être nécessaires pour créer cette parfaite lettres mathématiques complexes, mais des tonalités musicales et des mots que tous les numéros et les tons de la musique dans leur cachette. Sauf pour les complexes harmonies musicales, des concepts qui ne sont pas du tout aléatoire, mais après une longue observation de la nature.

On peut dire que, par conséquent, cela nous rappelle « les noms de l’Autorité de sagesse » symbole de l’alphabet dans la langue grecque.

L’alphabet avec des lettres en bois

Comment apprendre l’alphabet en s’amusant ?

Les lettres de l’alphabet en bois sont généralement achetés par les parents pour épeler les noms de leurs enfants (Jeux Alphabet). Elles sont placées soit sur la porte de la chambre des enfants, au-dessus du lit de l’enfant ou n’importe où dans la maison pour que l’enfant se sente spécial. Ils sont absolument adorables et font des cadeaux personnalisés pour leurs enfants, spécialement  avec ces pièces en forme d’animaux, de dinosaures, de dauphins, de fées etc.
Cependant, épeler le nom d’un enfant n’est pas la seule utilisation possible des lettres de cet alphabet. Comme une question de fait, ces œuvres d’art en bois, peuvent être utilisés de plusieurs façons différentes, qui sont tous aussi important pour apprendre l’alphabet.


La plus part des gens considèrent que l’utilisation la plus importante de ces “petites pièces” est de les utiliser comme jouets éducatifs. Beaucoup d’écoles dans le monde entier ont en effet veillé à ce que les enfants apprennent l’alphabet et aussi acquièrent des compétences de prise de parole par l’intermédiaire des lettres de bois. Les chercheurs qui étudient le développement des enfants sur une période de temps donnée, ont tous conclu que si l’apprentissage est fait avec autant de plaisir que possible pour l’enfant, plus il est susceptibles d’apprendre les choses vite et aussi montrer plus d’enthousiasme pour l’apprentissage. Comme la méthode “alphabet français chanson”, (découvrez la méthode sur les origine de l’alphabet grecque) .

Les formes avec des dauphins ou de divers animaux leur permettrait non seulement de le rendre plus amusant pour l’enfant, mais ils auront réellement hâte des séances d’apprentissage de l’Alphabet français en majuscule. Aussi pour les enfants qui ont un trouble d’apprentissage, cet alphabet en forme de jouet est devenu une aubaine pour eux. Plusieurs enseignants notent  une meilleure attention dans leur classe lors de l’utilisation d’un accessoire ou de quelque chose de divertissant. Les pièces en bois avec des animaux, des dauphins, des fées, etc… ont exactement  cet effet – capter l’attention des enfants. Leurs utilisations dans l’éducation sont immenses et il ne tient qu’à votre imagination de trouver la façon dont vous pouvez les utiliser au profit des enfants.

Vidéo – Jeu sur l’alphabet

Une autre utilisation importante, est ce que nous avons abordé brièvement au début de cet article – les cadeaux personnalisés. Les lettres de l’alphabet peuvent être une sorte d’art qui en font un cadeau personnalisé idéal à offrir à tout enfant. Il montre que vous vous souciez vraiment du petit en lui permettant d’évoluer, avec un objet qui lui permet d’écrire son nom. Vous pouvez même avoir des lettres en bois de plus petite taille, à mettre sur les boîtes de jouets ou tout autre objet que vous avez acheté pour l’enfant.

Un cadeau personnalisé permet de se démarquer complètement des autres cadeaux qu’un enfant peut recevoir dans d’autres occasions spéciales. Il est le meilleur moyen de montrer votre attention et de faire l’enfant se sentir vraiment excité. Je n’ai pas rencontré un enfant qui n’a pas encore excité de voir leur nom sur quelque chose, surtout sur un cadeau significatif pour eux.

Bien sûr, les lettres de l’alphabet en bois ne doivent pas être juste pour les petits enfants. Ils peuvent être utilisé pour les adultes aussi. Par exemple, ils peuvent être utilisés pour épeler votre nom de société ou le nom de la boutique à l’extérieur du lieu d’affaires. Ils pourraient être utilisés pour écrire un message spécial pour votre bien-aimé. Comme les utilisations dans l’éducation, ils peuvent être utilisé par les adultes dans un nombre infini de façons. Il est vous est permit de tout simplement faire appel à votre propre imagination sur les façons étonnantes dont vous souhaitez les utiliser. Comme pour commencer à apprendre l’alphabet arabe ou l’alphabet phonétique international.

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